Are there any disadvantages to an open adoption?

We have an open adoption, can you think of any disadvantages to an open adoption?

Best Answer

  • Open adoption is a wonderful way to honor your child's past while building on their present. When a child is adopted, it does not erase their past. Even if a child was adopted as a newborn, their story began well before placement. Open adoption allows this bond and familial connection to continue. However, as with any wonderful thing, there are always exceptions to the rule. 

    There are few disadvantages to open adoption, however there are times when open adoption is not the best or safest option. One such instance is when an open adoption would put the child in harms way. If the child was adopted out of an abuse situation, open adoption may not be an option. If the birth parents prefer a closed adoption, open adoption may also not be an option. 

    Open adoptions take a lot of work. Some may see this work as a disadvantage. It may also take a lot of learning and understanding to navigate the dynamics of your child integrating into your family while having contact with their birth family. Open adoption is work, takes communication, but is so worth it when all of that can be sorted out. 

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