How Can I Prepare for My Adoption Home Study?

How Can I Prepare for My Adoption Home Study?

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  • The home study process is honestly just an incredible stress. There are few times in life that I have been as stressed as I was going through a home study. It seems preposterous in a way to have your life under a microscope in order to become a parent. I understand why it is necessary, however, that does not make it any less stressful or mind blowing. 

    Preparing for your home study is really the only thing that makes it any easier. When I say prepare, PREPARE. Do not wait until the last minute like I did the first time! You will find yourself going crazy with worry. Save the last few days for double checking the important stuff like paperwork and necessary copies of documents.  The deep cleaning and the safety checks are important, but can be done days and even weeks before your first visit. 
    A few weeks before your home visit, speak with your agency or local child welfare agency to see if tey can give you a list of criteria or even a copy of the safety checklist they will use for your home study. While it is only one part of your home study, people are often most concerned with this. The checklist should put your mind at ease, though many don't think to ask for it. It is a lifesaver!

    Make sure you put in the work. Get all of the required education done. Your home study is largely about ensuring you are ready to adopt and have the knowledge ready to discuss with the social worker. It is such a large inconvenience if something is incomplete, the work is not done, or paperwork is missing. Have all of your important paperwork available! 

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