How can I help foster children without being a foster parent?

How I can I help foster children without being a foster parent?


  • It is wonderful to try to find ways to help foster children even if you are unable to become a foster parent!

    To start, one of the best ways to help is to see if there are any needs in the foster community. Many families suddenly need a bed, car seat, clothing, etc. These needs can be enormous and sudden. Donating these items or funds to an organization the provides these items can be so incredibly helpful. 

    Another way to assist is to become a respite care provider. Unlike traditional foster parents, respite care providers provide care on a very temporary basis. This typically occurs in times where a foster parent simply needs a night off, goes away for a few days, has surgery, etc. Respite care providers are in high need. It is a great way to get involved without having to commit to long term. 

    Another great way to support foster care is to simply be supportive of foster parents. Understand what they are going through and what the children might be going through. Speak highly of foster care and encourage others who are able to foster. 

    For more information on foster care, click here! 
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