Is adopting siblings possible?

Is it possible to adopt a group of siblings to keep them together?

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    Adopting siblings is certainly possible, but will largely depend on the circumstances surrounding an adoption. In many cases, adoption and foster care agencies will attempt to keep siblings together if at all possible.

    The goal is to keep families together and these agencies are aware of how beneficial it is for children to stay with their siblings and maintain that sense or normalcy. With this, all attempts will be made to keep siblings together. In international adoption, it will largely depend on the laws and guidelines of that country. 

    My husband and I adopted siblings, but each was a newborn at birth. Typically if a child has been adopted from foster care and a sibling enters foster care at birth, if no biological family can be found the agency may reach out to the family who adopted their sibling to see if they would be willing to adopt the new child. 

    While it is best that siblings be kept together, it can sometimes allow children to stay in foster care for a longer amount of time awaiting someone to adopt the sibling set. If you have specific questions about sibling adoption, you can check through the forums on You may find that many people have gone through sibling adoption or experienced separation of siblings. It would be a great starting point. 

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