Do I have to use an adoption attorney to complete my adoption?

Do I have to use an adoption attorney to complete my adoption?

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    Use of an adoption attorney will really depend on the type of adoption you are undergoing and also the circumstances that surround it. An adoption attorney is great in all adoptions as it gives you the additional protection of having an advocate on your side. Adoption attorneys are needed and required in every adoption, however many adoption agencies will have their own attorneys to handle the legalities of adoption. 

    When we adopted our daughter, she was in foster care. While in theory, we should not have needed an attorney for a foster care adoption. However, we had extenuating circumstances that required someone to advocate on our behalf. With our second adoption, we used an agency. However, as our son was out of our home state, we needed an adoption attorney to help us navigate what would be needed for ICPC and how to locate and hire a reputable attorney in my son's home state for his birth mom. 

    For our second adoption, we went directly back to hiring our previous adoption attorney to find out the process of his adoption. We mainly needed her to point us in the right direction. It was great to have someone who could point us in the direction of a reputable agency and make sure that all the legalities of our adoption were executed for the adoption finalization. If you have ever heard an adoption horror story, it 90% of the time has to do with some legality not being executed directly.

    While you may not need to hire an attorney if you use an agency, you may feel that it is best to make sure you have someone who works and reports specifically to you. You may also want to hire an adoption attorney to get the process started and help you to build the best professional team possible for your adoption. If you would like the attorney you hand picked to handle the legalities of your adoption, it is the first step you should take in your adoption journey. 

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