Is it possible to complete an adoption for free?

Is it possible to complete an adoption for free?

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    Adoption is famously expensive! When my husband and I were asked to adopt, we were shocked at the amount that we would be required to shell out. We did not need to be matched or even need most of the services an agency provides. However, the adoption was still in the tens of thousands. It can be incredibly disheartening to know those types of numbers before beginning the journey. 

    The great news is that there are ways to minimize or almost fully eliminate adoption costs. The first is by adopting from foster care. With foster care adoption, the agency whom has custody of the child typically handles the home study for the prospective adoptive parents. The court fees that would be a part of this process are also typically absorbed by state funding.There is no need to pay birth parent expenses, counseling, or to pay for a match when adopting a child who is "legally free to be adopted."  However, sometimes some of the less substantial fees are paid up front and then reimbursed. These fees may include general court costs and filing fees. It is not unheard of for agencies to front those fees or for attorneys to cover those fees until they are reimbursed by the state. The best way to get better answers about what foster care adoption might cost is to speak with your local child services agency. Most are more than willing to provide more information! 

    Other ways to adopt for "Free" typically involve putting money upfront and then being reimbursed. While the adoption process outside of foster care adoption is typically never free, you can raise enough support through grants and crowd funding to not have to spend much of your own money. However, it is important to note laws in your state regarding raising funds as well as if grants have upfront requirements. 

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