What do you need to adopt a child?

What do you need to adopt a child?

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    This is a great question! Adoption is a lot more complex than people might think. It's not as simple as just 'signing up. The answer to your question is a lot longer than can be answered here, but I'll give you a quick rundown. 

    First off, you have to decide what kind of adoption you want. There are three basic types- foster to adopt, domestic infant adoption, and international adoption. There are pros and cons to each, and the process is somewhat different to adopt through the different channels. These three articles give a general overview defining the types of adoption and the basic process for each of them. 

    https://adoption.com/baby-adoption-guide (domestic infant adoption)
    https://adoption.com/international-adoption-guide (international adoption)
    https://adoption.com/guide-to-adopting-from-foster-care (foster adoption)

    Once you have decided which type of adoption you want to pursue, you will want to consult with a professional who specializes in that type of adoption. You could contact an agency, private lawyer, adoption consultant, etc. 

    While there are differences between the three types of adoption, they do share many of the same general requirements. You will need to be able to pass a background check and a home study to ensure that you can provide a suitable environment for a child. You will then need to match with an expectant parent or a child who is eligible for adoption, and finalize the adoption. This is a very oversimplified list, your adoption professional will be able to help you through the specifics of each step. 

    You also need funding to adopt a child. Domestic infant and international adoption can be quite pricey, so be prepared for that. There are grants you can apply for, and many people take out loans or use their savings. 

    The most important thing you will need is patience and love. The adoption process can at times be emotionally taxing- there can be a lot of waiting and expenses and disappointment. But it is also wonderful. Educate yourself as best you can and surround yourself with people who can support you through the process. 

    Good luck!
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