Is single mother adoption possible?

Is single mother adoption possible?

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  • It is possible to adopt as a single mom. However, it will depend on the agency and if you are pursuing an international adoption. Some countries do not allow for children to be adopted by single parents. Here are five countries that allow for single parent adoption. You can adopt as a single parent in all 50 states. 

    Agencies can also pick and choose if they accept single parents as prospective adoptive parents. An agency may also have more birth mothers seeking couples to adopt. It really is the luck of the draw. On that note, being a single parent may be an obstacle due to birth mother preference often being for a two parent home. 

    Some other obstacles you may face are handling the finances of an adoption with a single income, though there are plenty of single parents who make more than enough! While there may be various roadblocks, adopting as a single mother is very possible. It will be a matter of finding the right match, agency, and place from which to adopt. It may be wise to pursue a private match.

    International adoption is also encouraged in this case as it is more a "next in line" situation rather than being "chosen." When a child becomes available and it is your "turn" and it is a match on your end, you can proceed with an attempt at adoption. Many single parents choose the international adoption route to avoid the chance that they won't be chosen as a single parent. 
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