Are there any age restrictions for adopting a child?

Are there any age restrictions for adopting a child?

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    The age restrictions will often vary by state and also by the type of adoption one wishes to pursue. For many states, while there may not be restrictions on age, there may be restrictions set with an adoption agency regarding the age of clients they will accept. Many times, this has to do with the difficult journey that may lie ahead for an older parent hoping to adopt. 

    In a private adoption situation, it is often less likely that an older parent will be chosen by a birth mother to adopt her child. The reasoning for this is that birth parents often want a younger parent for their child as they assume issues with health and vitality in older prospective parents. An older parent may have a much better chance with foster and international adoption(Some countries may have restrictions on the age of adoptive parents. You can learn more about these restrictions by country here). 

    While there may not be age restrictions in your state, your age may still play a role in your adoption. Your health may be more thoroughly scrutinized and there may be factors that you can't control as an older parent. However, being older may put you at a bit of an advantage for many reasons. According to, many agencies are looking for the following traits that may be more readily found in older parents: 

    • Emotional maturity
    • Financial stability
    • Stable values
    • Stable marriages/partnerships (for couples)
    • Time and patience
    • Healthier and more active than ever before
    • Extended life expectancy allows longer active parenting years
    • It isn’t important to look like a young parent. More and more people are putting off starting a family until their 40s and what you look like isn’t important. The love and commitment you give to a child are what’s important
    You can check your state's restrictions on age here and further explore your options for older parent adoption! 

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