How much does it cost to adopt from foster care?

How much does it cost to adopt from foster care?

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    Adopting from foster care can be one of the most cost effective methods of adopting. Adopting from foster care can often be free, or you may find that adopting from foster care will allow you to be reimbursed any upfront money you may have spent on the adoption. There are many state programs that allow for adoption assistance from foster care to promote foster care adoption. 

    In many cases, adopting from foster care is free. The bulk of money used in private adoption goes towards the adoption agency. The agency will perform the home study, match you with a child, allocate expenses to the birth mother etc. In foster care adoption, the home study is done through the state agency at no cost, there is no need for the agency to seek a match, and no expenses to be paid. The child protective services agency from which you are adopting the child will take care of all of the leg work in order to get you approved for adoption. Some of the up front costs you may incur would be the cost for a federal background check or if you decide to hire an attorney. 

    While you can adopt from foster care through the foster agency using appointed counsel, many choose to hire an adoption attorney to handle all of the legalities of adoption. We adopted from foster care with our first child, but felt more comfortable having an advocate who could keep us informed and work with us to ensure we took all the proper steps towards finalization. The cost for this can vary, but our services worked out to around $3500. You can check around to different attorneys to see if you feel a need for representation and also what the fees might run in those cases. 

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