Is single adoption possible?

Is single adoption possible?

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    This is a really great question. Many single adults feel the desire to parent, and adoption is a great way to start a family! Your first step is going to be to determine the kind of adoption you are interested in—private, through foster care (and if so, if you want to adopt an older kid or an infant) or adopting internationally. (One caveat about adopting internationally as a single adult—some countries won’t allow it, so do your research before you get your heart set on it!) You also will need to decide if you want to parent an older child, a sibling group, a child with special needs, or a child that comes from a different race than you. It may seem daunting but listen to your gut—you will be able to decide just what the right path is for you!  If you choose to go through a private adoption, be sure and choose an agency that will support you on your journey as a single parent, and has a good record of placing children with singles.

    Once you have decided which route to travel in your adoption journey, the steps are basically the same for a single adult as for a couple! Sign with an agency, start the home study process and background check, and then begin the wait. Some hopeful adoptive parents create blogs documenting their journey to raise awareness during this time—it’s a great idea to help you feel connected while you wait. While you are waiting for your forever family, you might consider using that time to read up as much as possible about the positive effects of openness in adoption, and how to increase attachment between your child and you. Also buy lots of diapers. You can never have enough diapers. I hope that this answers your question, and good luck! You are in for an amazing journey, and being a parent is wonderful!

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