What are great reasons to adopt a child?

What are great reasons to adopt a child?

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    What a great question! Here are a few reasons that you should adopt a child.

    1) Every child deserves a loving, forever home. Their lives are like they are usually through no fault of their own. We live in a fallen, broken world. Adoption is necessary because the world isn’t perfect. A loving home can make all the difference to their young lives.

    2) Every child needs hope. Children, as opposed to babies, are more aware of the circumstances that made them need a new home. This knowledge, but necessarily understanding, can cause them to feel afraid, confused, and hopeless. When a child has someone to love them unconditionally, proved them security and boundaries, and offer them hope, they can have the potential of a better future.

    3) Your life will be changed. In the adoption process, no matter the age of the child being adopted, you will be stretched beyond what you think you can handle. You will learn to look at life through the eyes of the precious children. You will learn from their hurts and try to ease them. You may be injured as they lash out in protection of their little hearts—daring you to try to love them. You will be amazed at the resilience of the children. You will have to continually offer self-less love. You will be forever changed by the presence of a child.


    These are just a few reasons you should adopt a child--Loving homes. Needed hope. Lives changed.

    Here are a few links to set you on your adoption journey.







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    When my husband and I decided to adopt a child, our biggest reason was that we wanted to be parents more than anything. We wanted to love, nurture and care for a child. It didn't matter to us that we wouldn't share genes or a biological connection. Adoption was never second best or a last resort. After considering all our options, it was the way we chose to build our family. It was the best way for us, certainly not the only way. I think this is important. When considering whether or not to adopt a child, make sure you make peace with your past and feel in your heart that the decision is right. Adoption is no doubt life-changing for everyone involved, so it should never be entered into lightly. If you have struggled with infertility and/or miscarriage, consider counseling to resolve your feelings of loss and guilt so you are ready and able to give your child all the love, time and attention he or she needs.

    Of course, there are many other great reasons to adopt a child that will play into your decision. Among some of them are:
    • A strong desire to make a difference in a child's life.
    • Solid family values and the ability to care for a child.
    • Patience, honesty and a good home.
    • A willingness to maintain birth parent contact and/or share information about your child's birth family.
    • A background or knowledge of trauma and loss that will help a child to work through difficult feelings about being adopted.
    • Lots of love!
    The decision to adopt a child is no doubt a very personal one, and every person's reasons may be a little different. However, if your mind and heart are in the right place, adoption can be a wonderful way to build your family. 

    If you're interested in exploring adoption and deciding if it's right for you, I would recommend the following articles:

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    Best of luck to you!

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    There are so many fantastic and important reasons to adopt. Adoption is a fantastic way to build a family. Whether you are adopting due to infertility or just because you feel called to, adoption can be incredibly beautiful. My husband and I had always planned to adopt but never felt "ready." However, an acquaintance asked us to adopt her child, so we always say that adoption kind of "happened" to us.

    We adopted because a child needed a home, but also because we wanted to add to our family. We then adopted our daughter's brother initially because we wanted to keep them together, but also though we hadn't planned to add to our family, we knew we had room for one more. I cannot imagine life without them. They are everything!

    Some people adopt even before having biological children, as they feel that so many children need homes that this is a wonderful way to add to their family. I hope to one day adopt from foster care. Having been in the adoption world for a few years, I have seen statistics, stories, and had my eyes opened in a way that I am forever changed. There are so many children who just want and need a forever family. That alone is a fantastic reason to adopt! 
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