What is the difference between a public and private adoption agency?

What is the difference between a public and private adoption agency?

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    Hello Jen,

    A private adoption or independent voluntary placement is one where a birth parent voluntarily places her child with adoptive parents. In this case, the expectant mom can choose parents of her baby. To do this type of adoption, you can work with an attorney or an adoption agency. 

    A public adoption happens when a child is taken into custody due to abuse, neglect or the death of birth parents. In this case, the kids are in foster care and may be adopted either by their foster parents or another adoptive family. The birth parents do not and cannot choose the family their child will be placed with. 

    Both types of adoptions can be a great way to grow your family. It just all depends on what route you are most interested in and which is the best fit for your family. Keep in mind that kids adopted through foster care are often older than those adopted through private adoptions. However, if you do a foster-to-adopt program, you can become foster parents first, with the possibility of adopting the child if he or she becomes available. There is a greater chance of having an infant or toddler placed in your home. He or she may or may not become available for adoption, since the goal of foster care is always to reunite the child with his or her birth parents if at all possible. 

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