How can I help kids in foster care?

How can I help kids in foster care?


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    There are so many ways to help children in foster care.  If you're not looking to become a foster parent, you could still become a respite provider.  Respite is a home that basically watches the children for the foster parent to give the foster parent a break, or helps it the foster parent needs to go out of town and cannot take the foster children with them.

    You could become a mentor to foster children or volunteer to be an advocate.  There are also volunteer opportunities with group homes who care for foster children.  Some agencies also host fundraising events that you may want to get involved in.

    If you're interested in helping foster children, I would suggest googling agencies in your area and meeting the agencies.  Ask questions to what children in your area need and to what  you could be involved in to help the children in care.

    For more information you can search these other sites:

  • There are a few organizations that help with kids transitioning from place to place. So that they don't carry their belongings in trash bags, some help with providing duffel bags and things like that. It's much more humane, just nicer and tells them they are worth more than carrying around a trash bag. Here is one organization:
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