How do I get adopted?

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    I would really need more information on the situation to provide a detailed answer, but I'll do my best with the question above.  If you're placed in foster care and are 12+ years old, then it is likely that you could approach your case worker and state that you're wanting to be adopted.  If you have a family in mind that would like to adopt you, then let your case worker know and maybe he/she can run the proper checks on the family you wish to be adopted by to see if they were suitable to adopt you.  If you're under 12, it is still ok to speak with your case worker and let them know what your wishes are, but their hands may be tied by the court systems.  Best of luck. 
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    Great response Tish! It is incredibly disheartening that this question would even have to be asked by a child who is in foster care. If that is your case, I am so sorry you have not yet found your forever family.  This question is also often asked by those in another country or even adults who have aged out of the system. As there are many different paths to adoption and many different reasons one might want to be adopted, Tish's response is a great start. If you are already in care, speaking openly with your case worker about possible other ways to introduce you to adoptive families like social media. If you are in another country hoping to be adopted, unfortunately it is simply not as easy, especially with current immigration restrictions. You can check here to see what sort of agencies you might need to check with in your home country. 

    If you are an adult hoping to be adopted, that will really depend on your circumstances, age, and the laws in your state. You can see a complete list of laws for your home state here. Many children who are unable to obtain consent for their adoption from their birth parents will wait until age 18 to ask a relative or step parent to adopt them as they can now legally consent to the adoption. 

    If your situation differs, please feel free to ask the question based on your unique situation. Best of luck! 
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