Can I have a relationship with my baby after placing for adoption?

Can I have a relationship with my baby?


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    Expectant mothers have a lot of options when creating an adoption plan, so it depends on what kind of relationship you want. There are three main types of adoptions: closed adoption, semi-open adoption, and open adoption.

    Closed adoptions don’t have contact between the birth parents and the adoptive parents after the child is born. Even if the birth parent knows the name and location of the child, if they aren’t in contact with the birth parents, it’s considered a closed adoption.

    A semi-open adoption has structure around the ways and the amounts that adoptive and birth parents communicate. This is usually decided during the adoption process early on so both can clearly state what they would like or what they’re comfortable with and set something they agree on.

    The last way--open adoption--seems the most like what you’re asking about. Open adoption allows for free contact between birth parents and adoptive parents at whatever level everyone is comfortable with. Many develop relationships with all involved, and it just made a larger family for the child. Lots of birth moms have great relationships with the adoptive parents on their own as well as being in their child’s life. Many people think that open adoption is healthiest for everyone involved, and especially for the child. They are able to know all sides of their adoption story from the beginning of their lives, and can interact openly with their birth family. It can also create a stability for adoptive parents to have others to talk with unendingly about their child to someone who will care just as much as they do.

    I guess the shortest answer would be yes, you can have a relationship with a baby you decide to place, but what kind of relationship you have is largely up to you in creating an adoption plan and then as you find and talk with adoptive parents.
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