Danny And Mary’s Adoption Story

Danny and Mary are the parents of three beautiful girls, two of which they adopted.

Danny and Mary express how much they love their kids and how much adoption has changed their lives in ways they never thought possible.

The word “family” has many different connotations. For one person, it could mean all the literal descendants of a common ancestor. For another, it could mean a group of different people living in a household together. Whatever the word means for you, family means the people who love you the most, who would do anything for you. As an adoptive parent, no matter where your children have come from–whether you’ve crossed oceans to find them–they are and forever will be part of your family. There are bonds in this life that run deeper than the crevices in the earth; there are ties that bind us together that are stronger than being blood relatives.

Adoption is another pathway to finding your family. How did you find your family through adoption? Tell us in the comments below.

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