Children Cannot Have Too Many People Who Love Them And Want Them To Succeed

Open adoption can stir up quiet fears within a parent’s heart. What if they love their birth mom more than me? I just want to be the only mom. Other people get to be the only dad. Why do I have to share?

But here’s a serious truth: Love knows no limits. It has no bounds. A parent can love each of his children an infinite amount, and still have love left over for other people. The same is true of children. They can love their birth moms and birth dads AND still love their adoptive moms and adoptive dads.

Further, the blessings that can pour into their life by having multiple people to cheer them on, offer them advice, and encourage them to succeed cannot be measured. Each person in a child’s life can provide them with a unique perspective and use their own special gifts to bless the child and encourage and uplift them.

I know a birth mom who was able to reconnect with her son as a teen, after years of having a closed adoption. Their connection at that time was much-needed, and she was able to reach him and uplift him and help him and encourage him in ways that his parents could not. What loving parent would want to deny that to their child? The gift of a loving mentor who backs them up and encourages their child along?

It is hard to let go of fears. But open adoption is a blessing beyond measure. When it comes to people who want your child to be happy, the more will always be the merrier. Let go and trust in your own loveability – and it will bless your child forever.

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Rachel Skousen

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