Waiting Children

Meet Tatianya: This Girl Is On Fire & Wants A Forever Family

Meet Tatianya! Actually, meet Tia, because that’s the name she prefers to go by. And to quote Alicia Keys, “This

Meet Dajour: President Obama’s Biggest Fan, Looking For A Family

What do milkshakes, hamburgers, and potato chips all have in common? Well, besides being all-American grub, they happen to be

Meet Matt: He’s A Comedian And Looking For His Family

Matt is the kind of kid you want to take with you on roller coasters. Especially if you’re the nervous,

Meet Jade: Creative Lego Master, Needs Forever Family

Jade is a 12-year-old boy that just so happens to enjoy Legos and Minecraft, so you know this kid has

Meet Heather: Hoping To Be Adopted

Heather is foster child that’s got a knack for the clarinet. And she’s ready for her family to come and

Meet Melanie: Hoping To Be Adopted

You might find Melanie listening to the melodies of Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato, or even Chris Brown. She is a

Meet LouAnn Rodgers: Hoping To Be A Big Sis

Meet LouAnn! Now this is a girl with energy. You won’t find another 17-year-old like her. She is a girl

Meet Zadrick: Looking For His Forever Home

  Meet Zadrick! He’s thirteen years old and of Hispanic descent. Zadrick describes himself as a homebody. He would rather

Chloie Is Looking For A Family To Celebrate Her Birthday

Chloie has had six birthdays in the foster care system and this year she wants to spend her birthday with

Meet Taylor: Loves Knock-Knock Jokes, Wanting A Family

Taylor is 12 years old and happens to be in Virginia. He is intelligent, expressive, and charming young man. If

Meet Shey: Legally Free For Adoption, Looking For A Family

Shey is 14 years old. She is entering the eighth grade this year. She love art, but is too humble

Meet Nehemiah: Looking For His Forever Family

Nehemiah is a handsome boy with many medical challenges. He loves the one-on-one attention he receives when engaging in physical

Meet Gannon: Waiting For His Forever Family

Gannon is a 14-year-old boy who is ready to find his forever family. Gannon was adopted at 2 years of

Meet Markeshia: Looking For Her Forever Family

Markeshia is a beautiful, pleasant 16-year-old girl who is hoping to be adopted by a single mom or a mom

Looking For Her Forever Family: Meet Joy

Joy is an eighth grader who would love to be adopted. She worries, though, that most people aren’t interested in

Looking For Her Forever Family: Meet Andrea

Andrea is a 14-year-old girl who is ready to be a part of a forever family. She’s a sweet girl who

Looking For Their Forever Family: Meet Joey and Andy

Joey and Andy are fun-loving boys who yearn to be adopted together. They live in Arkansas, a state where 500

Waiting For His Forever Family: Meet Hasten

Hasten is an eleven-year-old boy who is ready to be adopted and become a part of a family he knows

Waiting For His Forever Family: Meet Edwin

Edwin is available for adoption through the Texas Adoption exchange, which is dedicated to helping children and families find each

Looking For Her Forever Family: Meet Destiny

Destiny is an 11-year-old girl who is personable and articulate. For her Wednesday’s Child feature, she was able to visit

Looking For Her Forever Family: Meet Scarlet

Scarlet was in and out of the foster care system until she was 6 years old, switching back between her

Looking For Their Forever Family: Meet Clee, Ashanti, and Kaveon

Clee, Ashanti, and Kaveon are joy-filled, enthusiastic little people who love each other and are hoping to find a home together.

Looking For His Forever Family: Meet Nehemiah

Nehemiah is an energetic 7-year-old with a “big personality.” Nehemiah loves to make people laugh, and is often successful in doing

Looking For His Forever Family: Meet Twillil

Twillil is a 14-year-old who loves playing football, exercise, and cars. He is described as “extremely likable” and thrives on

Looking For Their Forever Family: Meet Ray and Nichole

“People just don’t know that there are kids like me and Nichole out there who don’t have a family.” Meet

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