Waiting Children

LaMario, You Are Amazing!

LaMario, you are amazing! LaMario is a wonderful guy who is 15 years old. Born November 2002, LaMario was premature

Taneah’s Dream

Taneah’s dream is to find her forever family. In fact, she can hardly stop thinking about it because she wants

Meet Tatianya: This Girl Is On Fire & Wants A Forever Family

Meet Tatianya! Actually, meet Tia, because that’s the name she prefers to go by. And to quote Alicia Keys, “This

Meet Dajour: President Obama’s Biggest Fan, Looking For A Family

What do milkshakes, hamburgers, and potato chips all have in common? Well, besides being all-American grub, they happen to be

Meet Matt: He’s A Comedian And Looking For His Family

Matt is the kind of kid you want to take with you on roller coasters. Especially if you’re the nervous,

Meet Jade: Creative Lego Master, Needs Forever Family

Jade is a 12-year-old boy that just so happens to enjoy Legos and Minecraft, so you know this kid has

Meet Heather: Hoping To Be Adopted

Heather is foster child that’s got a knack for the clarinet. And she’s ready for her family to come and

Meet Melanie: Hoping To Be Adopted

You might find Melanie listening to the melodies of Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato, or even Chris Brown. She is a

Meet LouAnn Rodgers: Hoping To Be A Big Sis

Meet LouAnn! Now this is a girl with energy. You won’t find another 17-year-old like her. She is a girl

Meet Zadrick: Looking For His Forever Home

  Meet Zadrick! He’s thirteen years old and of Hispanic descent. Zadrick describes himself as a homebody. He would rather

Chloie Is Looking For A Family To Celebrate Her Birthday

Chloie has had six birthdays in the foster care system and this year she wants to spend her birthday with

Meet Taylor: Loves Knock-Knock Jokes, Wanting A Family

Taylor is 12 years old and happens to be in Virginia. He is intelligent, expressive, and charming young man. If

Meet Shey: Legally Free For Adoption, Looking For A Family

Shey is 14 years old. She is entering the eighth grade this year. She love art, but is too humble

Meet Nehemiah: Looking For His Forever Family

Nehemiah is a handsome boy with many medical challenges. He loves the one-on-one attention he receives when engaging in physical

Meet Gannon: Waiting For His Forever Family

Gannon is a 14-year-old boy who is ready to find his forever family. Gannon was adopted at 2 years of

Meet Markeshia: Looking For Her Forever Family

Markeshia is a beautiful, pleasant 16-year-old girl who is hoping to be adopted by a single mom or a mom

Looking For Her Forever Family: Meet Joy

Joy is an eighth grader who would love to be adopted. She worries, though, that most people aren’t interested in

Looking For Her Forever Family: Meet Andrea

Andrea is a 14-year-old girl who is ready to be a part of a forever family. She’s a sweet girl who

Looking For Their Forever Family: Meet Joey and Andy

Joey and Andy are fun-loving boys who yearn to be adopted together. They live in Arkansas, a state where 500

Waiting For His Forever Family: Meet Hasten

Hasten is an eleven-year-old boy who is ready to be adopted and become a part of a family he knows

Waiting For His Forever Family: Meet Edwin

Edwin is available for adoption through the Texas Adoption exchange, which is dedicated to helping children and families find each

Looking For Her Forever Family: Meet Destiny

Destiny is an 11-year-old girl who is personable and articulate. For her Wednesday’s Child feature, she was able to visit

Looking For Her Forever Family: Meet Scarlet

Scarlet was in and out of the foster care system until she was 6 years old, switching back between her

Looking For Their Forever Family: Meet Clee, Ashanti, and Kaveon

Clee, Ashanti, and Kaveon are joy-filled, enthusiastic little people who love each other and are hoping to find a home together.

Looking For His Forever Family: Meet Nehemiah

Nehemiah is an energetic 7-year-old with a “big personality.” Nehemiah loves to make people laugh, and is often successful in doing

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