Lisa Harper’s Story of Adoption and Redemption

Lisa Harper’s story of adoption and redemption is a touching one. It is a story of one orphan being saved

Ellen Honors This Amazing Family Who Adopted 6 Siblings

Ellen honors one amazing family from Cincinnati, Ohio, who adopted 6 siblings. Christina and Christopher Sanders made their family whole when

To My Son

This is to my son. Terence Mentor is a dad of two beautiful children. He lives in South Africa with

Nathan Gwilliam: Connecting Through Passion

Nathan Gwilliam, the CEO of Elevati/ shares his experience of finding his passion in his family, life, and business. “As

A Story Of Infertility, Adoption, And God’s Love

Walt and Annie shared their story of infertility, adoption, and God’s love in their lives in this touching video. For

Lucy, An Orphan From China, Meets Her Mother For The First Time

Lucy is a six-year-old orphan from China who is shown meeting her parents for the first time in this touching

The Day We Met Our Son

Tara and Jeremy share the day they met their son, Zeke. What an incredible journey they have been on in

The Moment We’ve Been Waiting For

“This is the moment we’ve been waiting for,” says Ryan Ray. Cary and Ryan Ray have been trying for seven years


The word “overjoyed” barely cuts it when this cute 11-year-old learns she is being adopted by her foster parents. Indeed,

Danny And Mary’s Adoption Story

Danny and Mary are the parents of three beautiful girls, two of which they adopted. Danny and Mary express how

Meet the Bonnemas

Meet the Bonnemas, Katie and Zach, who are proud parents of two beautiful twin girls, Halle and Quinn. Katie and

The Incredible Beauty Of Adoption

The incredible beauty of adoption shines into the home of Matt and Katie as they brought home their first child,

Kidnapped From His Home

As a boy, Taj Rowland was kidnapped from his home in India, sold to an orphanage, and then adopted by

From Two To Six, This Family Adopted Four Orphaned Siblings

Tammy and Drew Waltz are expanding their family from two to six when they decided to welcome four beautiful children

Asking Her Stepmom

In this touching video, a girl asks her stepmom to adopt her by using a Christmas ornament with one simple

Addicted To Heroin At Birth

Janet Siemer adopted two children, Mikayla and Landen, who were both born addicted to heroin. Siemer talks about how hard

She Was Supposed To Be Ours

“Once we saw her and got to know her, there was no question; she was supposed to be ours,” Lorie

Ways That You Can Support Foster Families Without Being Foster Parents

Have you ever wondered about how you could support foster care without becoming a foster parent yourself? Believe it or

How Do I Choose Between Parenting And Placing My Child For Adoption?

Lindsey was facing an unplanned pregnancy and so she was deciding between single parenting and placing her child for adoption.

Meet The Andersons: An Adoption Story

Meet the Andersons. They’ve adopted six children–also known as six blessings to their lives. In this video, the adoptive parents

Trigg’s Foster Care Adoption Story

Trigg was placed in foster care when he was just baby. Stacey and Drew Langstraat brought him to their home.

Adopting Haiti Children: One Woman’s Story

Deborah shares her story about adopting Haiti children. Deborah and her spouse are parents to seven children now, three of

This Beautiful Surprise Will Have You Reaching For The Tissues

This stepdad is in for a beautiful surprise. Last Father’s Day his stepson surprised his stepdad with adoption papers. First

Adoption Announcement Will Have You In Tears

Do you remember how you made the announcement? Or do you remember how that family member or friend made the

What Can I Do To Help My Child’s Birth Mother?

If you’re going through an independent adoption, you need to make sure someone is on the side of the birth

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