Meet Shyden: He’s Not Shy, But He Is Looking For A Family

Shyden has a love for chocolate and making friends. So if you want to befriend him, bring some sweet treats

From The Very First Moment You Had My Heart

“You may not have my eyes or smile, but from the very first moment you had my heart .” Adoptive

Pathways For Little Feet Helps Families Afford Adoption

The purpose of Pathways for Little Feet as an organization is to help creditworthy, middle-income families afford the cost of

Woman Adopts Child After Birth Mother Dies From Breast Cancer

Heather Salazar was a mom of three when she was approached by a neighbor. This neighbor let her know that

Meet Braylon: Looking For His Forever Family

Braylon is a 10-year-old boy in foster care who is hoping to be adopted into his forever family. He has

Looking For Their Forever Family: Adi, Gershwin, and Zenyla

Adi, Gershwin, and Zenyla are a trio of siblings who are “very close to each other” and hoping to be

Guide To Surviving Your Home Study

Nervous about having a social worker come to your house? Worried about surviving? Don’t be! The adoption home study can

Florida Couple Adopts 7 Siblings Separated By Foster Homes

Seven siblings separated into different foster homes have finally found themselves back together and in a permanent home with two

Advice Column: “My Adoptive Son’s Enthusiasm For His Birth Family Is Hurtful To Us”

Reuniting with birth family can be a pivotal moment in the life of someone who was adopted. It can also

Children Cannot Have Too Many People Who Love Them And Want Them To Succeed

Open adoption can stir up quiet fears within a parent’s heart. What if they love their birth mom more than

What Kind of Father? A Son Confronts The Troubling Past Of A Man He Never Knew

When Frank L. Christlieb found his birth mother, the story of his birth father began to unfold. It was a

Couple Adopts 88 Infants With Special Needs

Even before she was married, Camille Geraldi knew that she wanted to take care of children with special needs. In

Foster Parenting: Saying Goodbye To The Child You Love

It could be the number one reason people shy away from foster parenting: they’re afraid of falling in love with

Working With Your Foster Child’s Parent: How To Create And Maintain A Healthy Relationship

The first and primary goal of foster care is to reunite the kids in foster care with their birth families.

Dear Adoption, You Are My Biggest Blessing And My Greatest Sorrow

Adoptees often struggle with conflicting feelings about their adoptions. Joy and sorrow often intermingle. This conflict is articulately described by

What Is The Most Appalling Thing Someone Has Said To You As An Adoptive Parent?

When a reader on Quora.com asked other users to share the most “appalling” things that had been said to them

Difficult to Place: Changing the Language of Foster Care

“Words are powerful,” writes Michelle Madrid-Branch. She should know. As a child in the foster care system she was labeled

Looking For Their Forever Family: Trinity, Tres, and Paul

Trinity, Ricardo “Tres,” and Paul are very close. They’ve been through a lot together, and they look out for each

The One Thing This Boy Is Grateful That His Mom Did (Aside From Ordering Pizza)

In a handwritten note he gave his mom on Mother’s Day this year, one 9-year-old boy made sure to express

Looking For His Forever Family: Meet Moses

“I would say I’m rolling with the punches, just going through life the best I can.” Originally from Haiti, where

Man Finds Birth Siblings After 55-Year Separation

The last time Richard Clauson saw his older brother, Larry, the older child was stuffing his younger brother into a

8 Creative Adoption Fundraising Ideas

When the discussion turns to adoption costs, fundraising is often presented as a way to help offset the expense of

Thomas Rhett and Wife Lauren on Their Adoption Journey – and the Heartbreaking Decision to Initially Leave Willa Behind

Country superstar Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren, are settling happily into life as a family of three after spending

7 Things People Need To Start Saying About Adoptive Moms

There are certain things people need to avoid saying to adoptive moms. “You’ll get pregnant now that you’ve adopted!” and

The International Adoption Guide

International adoption is not a simple process! But this guide can help you understand how it all works and get

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