Brother’s Response to Baby’s Adoption Has Courtroom Laughing

This heartwarming feature produced by USA Today shares a precious moment in a the life of one family – one made even more adorable by the capricious response her 5-year-old brother gave when asked if he wanted his new adopted baby sister to be a part of his family.

Annalyn was only four months old at this important court hearing, an event that she wont’ remember but that will change her life forever.

The narration of the video reads, “This is one of the most important moments of baby Annalyn’s life. She is in a courtroom, being held by her happy new parents. Today is 4-month-old Annalyn’s adoption day. She’s also getting two big brothers. The family’s adoption lawyers asked the boys about Annalyn. ‘Do you want her to be a part of the Baker family?'” At this point in the video, you can see 5-year-old Hudson shaking his head and saying, “No.” But the narration goes on: “Despite his Antics, 5-year-old Hudson dotes on her the most.”

Congratulations to the Baker family on their newest addition!

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Rachel Skousen

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