Bring Joy Into The Life Of A Foster Child Through ‘One Simple Wish’

When Danielle Gletow and her husband, Joe, became foster parents and adopted their daughter Mia from foster care, their hearts were opened up to the 400,000 children living in foster care in the United States. That’s why they decided to start One Simple Wish, an organization dedicated to brightening the lives of children in foster care.

The idea is simple: A child’s wish is posted on the One Simple Wish website. People visiting the site can choose a wish to fulfill, select it, and donate the money needed to help make that dream come true. Wishes are usually very simple: a tablet for school, a month of martial arts classes, a pair of cowgirl  boots.

But, says Danielle, these wishes represent so much more than just stuff to the kids: they represent someone who cares.

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