Birth Father Voices Matter

Birth father voices often get lost in the adoption process. There are many stereotypes that birth fathers have, like birth fathers are no good, birth fathers shouldn’t have a say in the adoption process, and birth fathers are never around. The only way these assumptions can be stopped is for birth father voices to be loud enough to be heard.

“As a birth father, recognize that your voice is also significant. If you can, tell your story. You can also empower yourself and other birth fathers through your example.” — Claire Fulmer

This quote wants you to share your adoption story if possible. Let people know that you were involved in your child’s adoption. If you have an open adoption, share what that means to you. Do everything you can to let people know that adoption can be a beautiful thing to be a part of. You may consider sharing your thoughts on social media or even in an adoption community.

Perhaps the most important part of changing the perception of birth fathers is that it can help other birth fathers. Sharing your story and using your birth father voices to reach out to other birth fathers can change the adoption journey for birth parents and adoptees.

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