From Fearing Open Adoption To Growing My Family Because Of Open Adoption

My family keeps growing in ways I never expected. When we adopted our son, I just expected a new child

alerting teachers to adoption-related issues

how much do you divulge, and when? I don’t talk very much about some of the attachment-related issues that our

Prioritizing Attachment

Prioritizing Attachment School sucks. I was briefly so excited about the start of school.  School keeps us regulated. It provides

honeymoon, interrupted

honeymoon, interrupted In all of the adoption books we read in preparation for Kembe’s homecoming, the experts described a honeymoon

When They Don’t Listen: School Edition

When They Don’t Listen: School Edition Remember when I realized at the end of summer that we kinda hate school because

How I really want to respond to nosy adoption questions

We’ve all been in a situation where someone has asked a question that you think to yourself that it is

Our Experience with Foster Care/Adoption Training

Are you wondering what the training for foster care or adoption will be like? This family shares their experience. Our

Co-sleeping and adoption – Why we did it

I remember thinking my brother and sister-in-law were crazy for cosleeping.  Babies have slept in cribs for ages. I like

An Open Letter to Parents of Well Behaved Children

I’m always amazed when  you get a disapproving stare from someone in pubic when your child is misbehaving.  I question

Domestic Adoption Showers

To have a shower or not to have a shower? That seems to be the question many adoptive parents and

Pre-Adoption Baby Showers: To Do Or Not To Do?

When I was in the adoption process, I desperately wanted a baby shower.  No, I didn’t need it to be

The Terrible Toos

First, who doesn’t love an article that plays on words.  We all know what the Terrible Two’s are… but what

16 Years After Placing My Son, I Needed An Open Adoption

Sometimes in adoption you go into the placement with one set of expectations and over time they change.  Sometimes changing

4 Tips For Announcing Your Plans To Adopt

I can remember when we announced we were going to adopt.  We anticipated joyful reactions that our family would soon

Adoption Books | Review of In On It By Elisabeth O’Toole

Looking for a good adoption book to read, check out this review and see if it’s one to put on

Adopting As A Single Parent: What You Need To Know

Haven’t found Mr. or Mrs. Right yet or don’t really care to? Do you think that might hold you back

Talking About Sex With Adopted Children

Are you wondering how to talk about sex with your child? Does the fact that you are explaining conception that

To the White Parents of my Black Son’s Friends

This article is touching to the point where I recommend reading it twice. Really read it. Understand it.  Embrace it’s

Celebrities And Their Adopted Children

Celebrate National Adoption Day with stars and their children. YAHOO Celebrity joins many throughout the country who have been celebrating

Consequences of Openness in Adoption

Do you hear the word consequences and automatically think it means something bad? Most of us do. This article will

5 Tips For Making Your Adoption Profile Stand Out

Building your adoption profile can feel like a daunting task. You may not be particularly creative or feel comfortable selling

My Adoption Journey: A Teenager Share’s Her Story

We don’t often get to hear the voices of those that are adopted, especially young adoptees who are living in

I KNEW Adoption Was The Right Choice For Me

Sometimes you just get a gut feeling that something is supposed to be.  This birth mother felt a very strong

I Consider My Open Adoption My First Marriage

Open adoption is a serious relationship between adults and children. Sometimes there are bumps in the road, sometimes there is

When Your Child Asks, “Why Did You Adopt Me?”

It may seem too easy, but the answer to the question is the truth. Age appropriate adoption language should be

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