Larson Adoption Story: Adopting A Child With Albinism

There are many reasons a child might be considered special needs when it comes to international adoption. One of those

A Foster Care Success Story

Mary Lee was in foster care for years, and then when she was asked to be adopted, she was adopted

How Do I Choose Between Parenting And Placing My Child For Adoption?

Lindsey was facing an unplanned pregnancy and so she was deciding between single parenting and placing her child for adoption.

Parents Of Adopted Special Needs Children Rely On Faith

Grace Tetigmeier had one biological child before she decided to adopt the first of three special needs children. She adopted

Meet The Andersons: An Adoption Story

Meet the Andersons. They’ve adopted six children–also known as six blessings to their lives. In this video, the adoptive parents

Parents Put Child’s Needs First

Being part of the adoption triad is perhaps one of the greatest examples of parents, both biological and adoptive, putting

Adoption: It’s A “God Thing”

Olaf and Linda tried for years to conceive children. Now they’re the parents of two children by adoption. These adoptions

Nevada Adoption Guide

Whether you’re interested in foster adoption, domestic infant adoption, international adoption, or stepchild adoption, this Nevada Adoption Guide covers it

Some Things Are Worth The Wait

Waiting is so hard. And of course, adoption has a lot of waiting involved. You wait for your home study

3 Reasons You Should Grieve Not Having An Open Adoption

Not every adoption is able to have an open adoption. Even in an age where open adoption is more acceptable

Trigg’s Foster Care Adoption Story

Trigg was placed in foster care when he was just baby. Stacey and Drew Langstraat brought him to their home.

When People Suggest Foster Care Adoption & It’s Not Right For You

People are often well-meaning, but sometimes you need to shut the comments down. This just might be the case when

Former Foster Care Teen Shares How Beauty Routine Helped Her Find Identity

In this personal essay, Lisa Marie Basile shares how her beauty routine was affected by foster care and how she

Meet Tatianya: This Girl Is On Fire & Wants A Forever Family

Meet Tatianya! Actually, meet Tia, because that’s the name she prefers to go by. And to quote Alicia Keys, “This

Meet Shyden: He’s Not Shy, But He Is Looking For A Family

Shyden has a love for chocolate and making friends. So if you want to befriend him, bring some sweet treats

Meet Dajour: President Obama’s Biggest Fan, Looking For A Family

What do milkshakes, hamburgers, and potato chips all have in common? Well, besides being all-American grub, they happen to be

What “I’m Tired” Really Means To A New Mom

When you’re a new mom, “I’m tired” takes on a whole new meaning. Or maybe eight new meanings, depending on

What Makes Transracial Adoptions Fail?

Natalie Brenner, transracial adoptive parent, interviews Rhonda M. Roorda, an adoptee from a white-parent home, author, and adoptee spokeswoman. This

Adopting Haiti Children: One Woman’s Story

Deborah shares her story about adopting Haiti children. Deborah and her spouse are parents to seven children now, three of

We Loved You

“We loved you even before we knew you, even when there was just a hope for you, we loved you.”

This Beautiful Surprise Will Have You Reaching For The Tissues

This stepdad is in for a beautiful surprise. Last Father’s Day his stepson surprised his stepdad with adoption papers. First

Managing Your International Adoption Paperwork Guide

The international adoption process is a long one–filled with paperwork. That’s why international adoptive mom Jennifer Jones created an international

Millionaire Takes 70 Foster Children In After Hurricane

When a natural disaster strikes what happens to the community’s most vulnerable? Well for these 70 foster children, they spent

The Top Misconceptions About Adopting

There are many misconceptions about adopting. But this article explores the top four and why they shouldn’t necessarily stop you

Forever Family For Foster Children

A forever family may be something that some of us take for granted. This kind of family may come in

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