Adoption and Identity

Girl by Lake

Adoption & Identity: moving from what was to what can be

Why is the topic of identity so important to me and to countless others in the adoption and foster care arena? My answer is that anything left unresolved in life can lead to physical, emotional, and spiritual heaviness. A weight that can hinder a person in his/her own personal development and overall sense of self-worth and well-being.

As a child grows, the understanding of adoption becomes more shadowed in question and more complex in thought. It is only normal that inquiries surrounding birth family would begin to manifest. It is only normal that the child would begin to ask the “why’s” of adoption: why was I in foster care, why was I in an orphanage, why was I adopted, why didn’t my first parents keep me, why do I feel different…why? It is only normal that a child would begin to question nature and nurture: DNA vs. upbringing, or environment.

It is only normal that an adopted child would explore these questions as they grow. No matter how difficult these questions are, they stand essential to healthy identity formation.

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