Adopting After Infertility

In this article, the author addresses fertility as being a major reason many people come to the decision to adopt.  The article discusses the emotions infertility has on a person, how it can cause pain, lack of self-esteem and leave a person feeling less self worth. It goes on to discuss resolving the negative feelings associated with infertility before adoption and how a person goes about doing that.  Many adoption agencies also ask the question of hopeful adoptive couples, if they have dealt with their infertility and learned from the experience. A question many people have is if the child will feel like he is second best or a runner up decision for the parents.

“When the doctors told me I would probably never conceive a child, I felt like such a failure as a woman,” said the mother of two children adopted from Guatemala. “I mean, I worked hard all my life to accomplish what I wanted. I was top in my college class, I own my own company, I succeed at whatever I put my mind to. But the one thing that I wasn’t supposed to have to work at [conceiving and bearing a child] is impossible for me. Coming to grips with that was very hard. It’s still a sore spot for me.”

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