Adoptee Angela Tucker: I Wonder If Kamiyah Mobley Believes The Word “Mother” Is A Verb

You may have heard about her in the news: Kamiyah Mobley, age 18, recently learned something about herself: The woman who had raised her, the one she calls “mom,” is not her biological mother. In fact, she wasn’t even her adoptive mother. Kamiyah Mobley was kidnapped as an infant and raised by the woman who had dressed up like a nurse and stolen her from a hospital.

So Mobley wasn’t adopted. And yet, she was raised in the same way that many children in closed/secretive adoptions are raised: With love, and yet, without the truth of who she was and where she came from.

This story, which dominated headlines for weeks, struck a serious chord for adoptee Angela Tucker. In an essay published on her website, she writes about this story, about motherhood, and about identity.

Read Angela’s thoughts on the Kamiyah Mobley case here.

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