Adopted Children: What It’s Like Being Taken Away

These adopted children share their heart-breaking experiences of being removed from their homes and placed in foster care – and then moved from home to home.

Amanda recalls, “I was feeling really scared because I didn’t know where I was and I didn’t know what was happening or whatever. These people just came to my house and took me. It was at night when they took me to this house. And I felt really scared because these were strangers I was living with and I had no idea what was going on.”

Tiffany recalls feeling worthless. “My former family put me in the group home. I thought they didn’t love me anymore, that it was my fault that I was in the group home and that I wasn’t worth anything.”

Adam describes the emotional toll that moving from house to house took on him. He says, “I switched homes – more than 8 homes, just about. I was getting in a lot of trouble because I was confused and stuff like that.”

David says he felt “like nobody wanted me. Like people would give up if I did one little thing wrong and they would just send me away to somebody else.”

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