A Walk Of Faith

Adopting can be a hard process to go through; it is a walk of faith. A lot of the time, hopeful adoptive parents begin the process not really knowing what they may or may not have to go through. It can be a giant leap in the dark for some. And as we all know, walking in the dark can be difficult. You may struggle at times, not knowing where your feet may be stepping. Sometimes you bump into things or accidentally trip, but somehow, someway, you feel that you are being pulled along by an invisible force. Something is leading your heart to do this, to find your child. This is faith. Faith is a hope or trust that something will happen or is true–although you may not know what that is at first.

“Adopting any child is a walk into the unknown. It takes faith.”

It takes faith to adopt a child. But once you have gone through that dark tunnel, once you have struggled and persevered through it, the light begins to gradually increase. Slowly, it becomes brighter and brighter until all around you is encompassed in the light. Once that happens, it’s hard to imagine the darkness ever existed. So it is with adopting a child. Once you’ve taken that sweet baby into your arms, you could never really imagine a life without him or her ever again.

What have been your experiences with adoption? Have you ever had to have faith that everything would work out? Tell us in the comments below.

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