A Journey That Inspired Thousands

Phil and Alex Congelliere are a couple who have inspired thousands. Adoptive parents themselves, they are the founders of their nonprofit organization called Love Multiples, which is an educational resource and encouragement center for people who are maneuvering through infertility treatments and/or the adoption process.

“We’ve been able to bless more people than we ever imagined,” reports Phil Congelliere.

Love Multiples first started as a YouTube channel which focused on sharing the lives of the Congellieres with others. Their videos focus on the “fear, anticipation, and hurt of waiting for adoption results to be finalized, while also celebrating the love, joy, and excitement of bringing that adopted child home.”

Ultimately, the Congellieres want to build Love Multiples so that they can help people financially who want to adopt. “Love Multiples will become a movement… [to support] those struggling to build a family.”

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