A Birth Father’s Story

It is a rare treat to hear the birth father’s side of the story. This article gives us a glimpse into the feelings of birth father, Jason Coombs.

A Birth Father’s Story

If you went to the Regional FSA Conference this year and was able to go to the birthparent panel. My guest blogger was on that panel and he’s a birthfather! I wasn’t able to go to the conference this year so I didn’t get to hear him speak. But I was so grateful to just go into the expectant parent group one day. I randomly decide to go when I have the day off. And it happened to be a birthfather panel. Jason was the only one who was speaking but I’m pretty sure the spirit led me there. I needed to hear his story. And I think he was also there to help move my awesome couch into my friend’s truck afterwards. Haha! I probably asked Jason about a month ago if he’d like to tell his story for my blog. I’m sure I annoyed the CRAP out of him but I’m happy that he agreed and now here it is. It’s seriously so motivating and inspiring. Get your tissues! For real! :) Thank you again, Jason!

My name is Jason Coombs and I am a birth father. Today, I am proud to say that when introducing myself, but I have not always been. A little history about me might help one of you to identify with similar feelings coming from a birthfather’s perspective.

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