Quiz: What Adoptive Parents Should Know About Birth Parents

One birth mother has a few things that adoptive parents should know about birth parents. This quiz will share with

Book Details This Man’s 22-Year Search For Birth Parents

John Bates spent 22 years searching for his birth parents, hoping to gain an understanding of who he was and where

This Adoptive Mom Has A Heartwarming Message About Her Son’s Birth Parents

When Jessica Cunha was able to become mom to a beautiful baby boy, she was over-the-moon excited. She shared her

How I Feel About My Daughter’s Search For Her Birth Parents

Brenda Cotter was adopted in the 1950s, when adoptions in the United States were often shrouded in secrecy. In her

3 Thankful Gifts to Send to Your Child’s Birth Parents

I am always looking for unique gift ideas for my son’s birth family.  While we see them about as often

When Your Child Asks, “Why Couldn’t I Live With My Birth Parents Like Everyone Else?”

There are some questions adoptive parents just dread hearing. It’s not because they are hurtful or they don’t want to

Reunion: 9 Things I Wish I Knew Before Finding My Birth Parents

Many people who were adopted dream of one day being reunited with their birth family if they grew up in

5 Stereotypes About Birth Parents that Need to Die Now

When you think of birth parents, what stereotypes come to mind? Young, poverty stricken, unmarried, addicts, raped, etc? This article

Adoptive Mom Trying to Find Son’s Birth Parents Before He Goes Blind

We all know how important our roots and connection to our family is.  Open adoption is meant to prevent feelings

Birth Parents Reunited

Sometimes you hear these super sweet and romantic stories of love that end in such happiness. Boy meets girl, but

The Hospital & Birth Experience: Advice for Adoptive Parents

As adoptive parents, we often wonder what the hospital experience should or would look like. My most simple advice would

In Celebration Of A Birthday And Special Journey

Jessica Golden and her father, Carl Golden, are celebrating her birthday as a special journey. Jessica is leaving the realms

Addicted To Heroin At Birth

Janet Siemer adopted two children, Mikayla and Landen, who were both born addicted to heroin. Siemer talks about how hard

Twin Sisters Adopted At Birth Get A Big Surprise 20 Years Later: Biological Siblings

Two twin sisters are reunited with their biological sister and brother nearly 20 years later. The pair had grown up

Adopted Celebrities Who Found Their Biological Parents

There are a number of adopted celebrities who have sought out and found their birth parents: Jamie Foxx, Faith Hill,

Parents Put Child’s Needs First

Being part of the adoption triad is perhaps one of the greatest examples of parents, both biological and adoptive, putting

Birth Mother Love

Birth mother love is sacred, beautiful, and heartbreaking. “The reasons behind this decision are vast and varied, but in the

Birth Father Voices Matter

Birth father voices often get lost in the adoption process. There are many stereotypes that birth fathers have, like birth

Guide To Birth Parent International Adoption Search

As you begin your international adoption search, finding your birth family can feel like an impossible task. This guide is

Guide To Building Relationships Between Expectant and Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Hopeful adoptive parents and expectant parents making an adoption plan will both benefit from this guide to building a healthy

Parents Capture Moment They Surprise Daughters With Their Newly Adopted Baby Sister

Two little girls couldn’t contain their emotions when their parents surprised them with some wonderful news: they had a new

Birth Mom’s Heartbreaking Letter To The Daughter She Placed For Adoption

Cathie had longed to meet her birth mother, but she received some heartbreaking news on the TV show Long Lost

Jena Is A Birth Mom With An Open Adoption. This Is Her Story.

Jena was a high school student when she became pregnant. She recalls the miracle of connecting with her son’s birth

Advice Column: “My Adoptive Son’s Enthusiasm For His Birth Family Is Hurtful To Us”

Reuniting with birth family can be a pivotal moment in the life of someone who was adopted. It can also

Adoptive Parents Become Biological Parents Through Connection?

“Adoptive parents become biological parents through connection. We change their biology.” Karyn Purvis took a lot of heat for making

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