8 Questions Adoptive Moms Wish You Would Just Ask Them Already

Emily Westbrooks shares the 8 questions adoptive moms wish you would just ask them already. Adoption is an interesting topic, and there are a lot of people that have questions surrounding it. However, a lot of these questions can be brazen, rude, and offensive–most of the time without meaning to be.

So what are some questions you could ask?

“The more conversations that happen about adoption, the more awareness there will be about the process and the less fear there will be about adoptive parents, children, or the entire situation. But keep in mind, sometimes I just want to go to Target without having to be the spokesperson for adoption,” Westbrooks explains.

She shares some good questions such as “What’s the best thing about adoption?” or “What was it like to meet your baby?” These questions are more considerate, kind, and most importantly, respectful. Try to focus on questions that don’t creep too much into the personal lives of the family–unless you know them well and are certain they would be fine with those questions.

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