8 Picture Books All About Adoption

Sometimes there’s nothing better than sitting down with your child and a good picture book. And sometimes your child gets stuck on the same book. You know, the book you read you child every single night otherwise it’s impossible to get him or her to fall asleep? Yeah, that book.

Well this list just might be able to help break that cycle of the same old picture book. Even better, this is a list specifically for picture books that have adoption themes. These are simple, cute books that have great messages about adoption.

Books, even a picture book, can be the gateway to great conversation and understanding for even the smallest children. It’s never to early to start the adoption conversation. These books manage to help get that conversation rolling in a child-friendly, age-appropriate manner.

This list features favorites like A Mother for Choco by Keiko Kasza and Bringing Asha Home by Uma Krishnaswami. These books will also be beneficial to your child because he or she will be able to relate to the stories and themes of adoption. Picture books have more power than you may realize.

What other books would you include? Does your child have a favorite picture book about adoption? Share in the comments!

You can find the whole list here.

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