70 Years In The Making, Reunion Happens Thanks To DNA Testing

DNA testing brought two sisters together after 70 years of being a part. Patricia Milliken and Jean Celletti were able to meet because one of Celleetti’s children gave her an at-home DNA testing kit.

Milliken was only a toddler when her mother placed Celletti for adoption just 14 minutes after birth. Milliken only found out she had a younger sister after her mother passed away. Milliken searched for her sister, but was never able to find her.

“I was always afraid my sister wouldn’t like me. And she does,” Celletti said. “And I like her. So, I feel good that my sister finally found me with the help of my kids.”

Their sweet reunion means that each of them has gained a lot more family. Any anxiety felt about the reunion quickly dissipated upon meeting each other.

Milliken assured Celletti that their mother missed her dearly. She was certain that the adoption placement caused much heartache for their mother.

Have you tried DNA testing? This may be the missing piece to reuniting with birth family members.

You can watch their reunion video here.

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