Family Worried Medicaid Cuts Will Cause Harm To 14 Special Needs Adoptees

Meet the Betzers who live in Idaho. The Betzers have adopted 14 children from foster care and nearly all have special needs. With special needs comes special (large) medical bills. And that’s why the medicaid cuts have them worried.

The Betzers worked in the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections and saw what neglect could do to children. This triggered their decision to help children in the foster care system. They started focusing especially on children with special needs, the “unadoptable” children.

Their family quickly grew as did their expenses. They converted an old church building to accommodate all their children and even an old public transportation bus so that everyone in the family can come on family outings.

Though the Betzers say that 60 to 80 percent of the medical costs are aided by insurance, that still leaves a larger chunk of money that needs to be covered. Medicaid has been helping immensely to cover those expenses. But with the political turmoil, medicaid cuts may be in the future.

Unfortunately, what people may not realize is that when these children are adopted and get aide from medicaid, it saves taxpayers more money in the long run. Without the adoption and medicaid, taxpayers would be paying for these children to be put in an adult care facility for the rest of their lives.

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