Birth Mom’s Heartbreaking Letter To The Daughter She Placed For Adoption

Cathie had longed to meet her birth mother, but she received some heartbreaking news on the TV show Long Lost Family: Her birth mother, Adrienne, had passed away before she could meet her.

Cathie had always known she was adopted. Her birth mother had left her parents a letter underscoring her deep love for her, and assuring her that the decision to place her for adoption was a choice rooted in that love. She wrote, “To Catherine’s Mummy and Daddy: Please don’t ever stop loving Catherine, even when she’s naughty . . . and if ever she asks why I gave her away, please try and help her understand it’s because I loved her so much.”

Watch Adrienne read the poignant letter from her birth mother.

The good news, however, is that she has two half siblings: a brother, Mark, and a sister, Ann. She was able to reconnect with Ann on the show.

Please note that the article linked to uses the phrase “gave up for adoption.” It’s important to note that this is an inaccurate and potentially hurtful way of describing a birth mother’s choice to relinquish her parental rights. Positive adoption language guidelines recommend using the phrase “placed for adoption” to help underscore the heartbreaking, careful choice that a mother makes in choosing adoption. 

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