5 Stereotypes About Birth Parents that Need to Die Now

When you think of birth parents, what stereotypes come to mind? Young, poverty stricken, unmarried, addicts, raped, etc? This article addresses many stereotypes that birth parents are faced with and shows you how often they aren’t even a factor.  That isn’t to say that sometimes birth parents don’t fit into those common roles, but it’s not always the norm.

It’s time to let the negative stereotypes die and replace them with truth.

When we started the adoption process, we knew we were excited and eager to bring a new child into our family. We were surprised at the deep deep love we felt, immediately, for our daughter’s first family. Since then we have been fiercely protective of birth families. It seems there is plenty of compassion for adoptive families. There is compassion for adoptees. And certainly there usually is for birth families . . . yet I feel that birth parents are often the ones with the most damaging stereotypes. The truth is, these birth parents have more love and compassion, strength and humility than most of us. It’s time to let the negative stereotypes die and replace them with truth. Let’s start today, with just a few . . .

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Rachel Skousen

Rachel has a long-held passion for adoption that was sealed through her work as the content manager at Adoption.com. She currently works as a content specialist at Adopting.org, finding and sharing amazing adoption content from across the web. She is a mom of three and loves reading and napping in her spare time.

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