5 Reasons Why Biology Matters To An Adoptee.

While love doesn’t require biology by any means, it doesn’t eliminate the need for a person to understand their roots and have a connection to their biological family. In this article, the author addresses 5 reasons DNA matters.

Biology Does Matter in Adoption

As the pro-adoption lobby machine kicks into overdrive, I can’t help but get frustrated by the incessant, no doubt well intended, messages by some adoptive parents that biology doesn’t matter.  The ubiquitous catch cry that all is needed to make a family is “love” is a euphemism because whilst love is the ideal ingredient in a family it is not the only thing that matters. If “love” was indeed all that mattered then we wouldn’t have generations of adoptees, from the closed adoption era, accessing DNA testing services, genealogy searches (a search on the internet reveals a plethora of services) and specialized services to support reunions. We even have various TV shows dedicated to finding family or devoted to examining our DNA and identity such as the SBS series “DNA Nation”.  I am particularly interested in family trees and I always wonder – well who’s tree do I fit within? My family of origin or my adoptive families? In that spirit, here are five reasons why biology does matter:

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Sarah - Content Specialist for adopting.org, is a mother both biologically and through domestic infant open adoption. She resides with her husband and two boys in Ohio. She is passionate about open adoption and adoption education. In her free time she enjoys cooking, photography, writing, and hiking. You can find more of her adoption work at Heart For Open Adoption on Facebook or on Adoption.com.

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