Mom Decides To Adopt A Sibling For Her Son . . . Now She Has Four Boys

“Today is the day. It’s the beginning of our forever.”

Veronica and her son, Styles, had a good life together. But Veronica had grown up as part of a big family – and she wanted her son to experience that, too. She also knew that kids in foster care were longing for the same thing. “I wanted to help,” she said. “I felt like there was more that I could do than just volunteering.” So she decided to adopt. At first, she planned to adopt just one child – but six years later, she became a mom to four sons.

“When I met my family, I felt happy,” says Lennon, who was adopted at age 7, “because I knew that it was the perfect family for me – and it was the right one.”

Ian, who was adopted when he was 8, recalls, “I lived in seven foster homes. I didn’t feel happy when I was moving house to house because I wanted a family to stay with forever. Now that I’m home I feel great. I have a family with brothers. I have a family that I can stay with forever.”

Jaubert, who was adopted at age 6, says, “I lived in seven different foster homes. I didn’t like it because I keep on moving house to house to house to house. Every day!”

Things aren’t always “peaches and cream,” acknowledges Veronica. But she believes that God will support her family through thick and thin. And she is amazed by the resilience and joy she sees in her children.

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