There’s Never A Perfect Time to Foster Or Adopt

Your life is crazy. You’ve got a dozen different pots boiling. You’re being pulled in six different directions at once. You’re juggling too much already. You’d love to foster. You’d love to adopt. But there just isn’t room in your schedule. You hit the floor running early in the morning and keep running until you collapse into bed at night – very late at night. There’s just no way you could open up your life to a child in need of a family.  At least not now. Later. Later you’ll have time.

But foster dad and adoption advocate Jason Johnson asks this serious question: “When will the crazy busy of life really slow down enough  for you to make it crazy and busy all over again by fostering or adopting? Have you considered that perhaps the parameters you have set to define when you’re “ready” may be too narrow? What if they leave no space for you to actually ever feel “ready”? What if you’re more ready now than you realize?

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