Nicole Kidman Talks About ‘Lion’, Her Connection With Her Character

Nicole Kidman’s new film ‘Lion’ is an adoption story. Kidman plays the role of Sue Bierley, the adoptive mother of Saroo Brierley, who was tragically separated from his birth family in India at a young age.

Kidman, an adoptive mother herself, developed a powerful relationship with Sue Brierley while performing this role. When asked how the character she played was similar to her, Kidman responded, “There are many [places] where our paths cross. That’s why she said, ‘I wanted you to play me because I knew you’d feel what I feel.’ . . . We shared an enormous amount of deeply personal things with each other. We’re still very, very close – she comes to L.A. and hangs out with me. She’s very maternal toward me now, which is fantastic – I’ll take it!”

Read the interview here.

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