It’s Not That I Love Waiting . . . I Just Love The Person I’m Waiting For

The adoption process often means a lot of waiting. When I first encountered this quote, what I thought about was this: A hopeful adoptive couple filling out mounds of paperwork, answering questions, taking classes, getting fingerprinted . . . and then waiting. Waiting for an adoption match. Waiting through ups and downs. For weeks, for months, sometimes for years.

Then I thought about the millions of children worldwide (and the 100,000 here in the United States) yearning for a family of their own. Hoping for a home where they belong. Waiting for someone who will love them unconditionally.

And then I thought about how the joy of finally being brought together as a family can begin to melt away the hurt of that long, long wait.

It’s not that these people love waiting. It’s just that they know that love is worth waiting for.

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