On Their Way To Meet Their New Baby, These Parents Got Some Shocking News

Allison and Josh thought that their family was complete with five children.  But, says Allison, “The Lord had a different plan for us than we thought.” They received a text message from a friend who knew someone who was pregnant and planning to place . . . would Allison and Josh be interested in adopting the baby?

They were. So they hopped in the car and started driving to North Carolina, where their new baby was scheduled to arrive. As they were driving, their adoption attorney called with some startling news: there were two babies! Then they received another call: one of the babies was not expected to survive the birth.

Fortunately, Ava did survive. And continued to survive. Though she was born with only a brain stem, and is not expected to live long, her parents were able to bring her and her healthy twin brother Sam home to their five big siblings, where the family relished every moment they were able to have her with them.

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