4 tips for celebrating Birth Mother’s Day with gratitude

Do you do something special to celebrate Birth Mother’s Day? We spend the day celebrating all types of motherhood with a big family and friends cookout.

May 7 is Birth Mother’s Day — here’s how to celebrate

Everyone knows about Mother’s Day, the holiday celebrating the million and one things mothers do for their families every year. However, not everyone is aware of Birth Mother’s Day that takes place the Saturday before Mother’s Day. This year, Birth Mother’s Day falls on Saturday, May 7.

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Birth Mother’s Day might not be nationally known, but it is an incredibly important holiday to celebrate the gift that birth mothers have given to an adoptive family. Even those who are aware of this holiday often don’t know the appropriate ways in which to acknowledge the event. The evolution of the holiday from an educational event to a celebration, as well as the bevy of emotions wrapped up in adoption, make the mood of the holiday different from the traditional Mother’s Day. Here are some tips on how to best acknowledge the holiday as an adoptive parent or a friend of a birth mother.

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