4 Things Birth Moms Wish You Knew

Being a birth mother is a unique experience, and there are, in particular, 4 things that birth moms wish the rest of the world knew.

“We faced our consequences, reached deep down, and shattered our hearts for the child we created. It killed each and every one of us a little (or a lot), and it was 100% about what is best for the child.”

This poignant quote is from an unknown author, but Annaleece Merrill, a birth mother, uses it to describe the unselfish decision she made to place her child into a forever family.

“The main and most painful misconception I have come across is that I placed because my pregnancy was ‘unwanted.’ Unplanned, perhaps, but NEVER unwanted.”

It is so unfortunate that there are a lot of these misunderstandings surrounding the world of adoption. The decision for a birth mother to place does not make her a bad mother, nor does it make her different from anyone else. In fact, birth mothers are stronger in many ways than a lot of people. Why? Because they experienced real loss. They know and understand completely what it’s like to love someone more than themselves, and to make a decision surrounding that tiny child that is the best decision for him or her. They broke their hearts to create life.

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