‘Dear Adoption’ Movement Provides Insight Into The Adoptee Experience

Reshma McClintock was adopted from an orphanage in India when she was just a baby. Wanting to explore her own adoption story and conflicted feelings regarding adoption, McClintock began crowdfunding for a documentary about her adoption experiences. As word about her project spread, other adoptees began to reach out to her. This experience inspired McClintock to create the website DearAdoption.com, a place where adoptees can openly describe their experiences and express their feelings about adoption.

“I hope the broken, devastating, joyful, painful, fulfilled, unfulfilled and honest words jump off the screen and bring a sense of belonging and warmth to adoptees reading them,” McClintock said. “I hope that adoptees who have felt unheard, reach out and are heard at Dear Adoption. I hope they are reminded of their worth and the importance of their personal story in the adoption world.”

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