3 Facts You Need to Know About Fetal Trauma in Adoption

We’ve read the books about talking to your unborn baby, reading and even playing music while pregnant.  If the experts are encouraging you to do these things for development and bonding, what about the negative experiences that go on during the course of a pregnancy.  Is fetal trauma a thing?

The environment surrounding a woman’s pregnancy can impact her unborn baby.

To clarify, FETAL TRAUMA is not the same as FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME, although they both identify effects from a fetus’s environment in utero. 

#1 Children begin feeling and learning in the womb.

We have learned over the years how important it is for an expectant mother to be healthy and happy during pregnancy. The development and growth of her unborn baby can often be affected by the choices she makes. She has to be mindful of the food she eats, rest she receives, and stress she feels. Every little thing matters. Why wouldn’t her voice?

In an article about this topic, Alex Stavros writes, “According to Samuel Lopez De Victoria, Ph.D., your baby learned to be comforted by the voice and heartbeat of his mother [birth mother] well before birth—a voice that was not yours [adoptive mother]. In the case of adoption, this connective disruption has an impact on the brain and body.”

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